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Sebastian County

Book Description:

Early days in Sebastian County, AR, are recalled in this 11" x 8.5" spiral bound booklet, comprised of excerpts from the 1889 book, Goodspeed's History of Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin and Sebastian counties, Arkansas. The 116-page booklet is printed on 60# paper. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. The first part of the booklet contains a brief history of the county: Natural History -- Boundaries, Location, Minerals; Original Occupancy -- Mound Builders, Indians, Wild Animals; Settlement -- Fort Smith Military Post; County Organization -- County seat, Public Buildings, Finances, Population, Postmasters, County Officers, Elections; Agriculture and Horticulture -- Fair Association of Western Arkansas; County, Probate, Circuit, and District Courts; Criminal Cases -- Duels, Murders, Executions; "Individuals of eminent notoriety" -- Judge James Woodson Bates, Major Elias Rector, Gen. B. L. E. Bonneville, Dr. Joseph H. Bailey, Gen. Zachary Taylor; Military -- the Mexican War, the Civil War, Skirmish on Mazzard Prairie, Execution of Copland and others; Fort Smith (with names of Post Commanders from 1822 to 1871) -- businesses, Manufactories, St. John's Hospital, National Cemetery, Transportation, Newspapers, Celebrities, including Miss Vinnie Ream, Societies; Other communities -- Greenwood, Hackett City, Huntington, Hartford, Mansfield, and Salem; Education, Churches, and other items of interest. Besides the names mentioned in the first part of the booklet, there are biographies of many county residents of yesteryear. Most are fairly lengthy, and often include ancestors, previous residences, children, in-laws, affiliations, war records, and business activities. In the course of this they often shed light on the early businesses, professions and institutions in the county. The biographies include: David S. Altstatt, C.C. Ayers, Dr. W.W. Bailey, Harrison Ball, C.M. Barnes, Joseph P. Bassham, William H. Bell, Dr. William T. Blakemore, Henry W. Blan, A.E. Bloomburg, William Franklin Blythe, Louis Bolin, Mrs. Martha A. (nee Dillard) Bomford, Robert A. Bonham, Mrs. Sue Bonneville, Mrs. Luvicy Booth, William R. Bowen, Dr. William J. Brandon, Joab H. Bray, Dr. J.W. Breedlove, Dr. Asbury L. Brewster, Alpheus C. Brewster, Howard H. Brown, Isaiah W. Bruce, Marion S. Buckley, Harrison Buckner, Charles Burns, John William Buskamp, Dr. Thomas N. Callicoatt, Samuel P. Campbell, Joseph H. Cardwell, Thomas Milton Cardwell, Alexander B. Carruth, Capt. Claiborn W. Cauthron, Hezekiah Chaney, Mrs. Margaret (nee Rogers) Chollar, Dr. Peyton B. Coker, Preslie B. Cole, Abraham F. Coleman, Jerry H. Colvard, Capt. George H. Council, Dr. John C. Daily, Dr. Edgar M. Davenport, William Murphy Davis, Leroy Dawson, John Degen, Paul Alfred Delorvin, John Dodson, Dr. Albert Dunlap, Jeremiah P. Durden, Mrs. Angela Medora DuVal, M.T. Dyke, Henry Clay Earnest, Robert H. Echols, William M. Ervin, Anton Euper, W.L. Euper, Dr. William Patrick Evans, Col. William Meade Fishback, W.J. Fleming, J.K. Foltz, Dr. Joseph H. Forbes, J. Bryant Forrester, John A. Forrester, Leander Foster, Josiah Foster, Dr. James H. Foster, M.D. Frazier, Frank Freer, Benjamin J.H. Gaines, Dr. D.M. Gardner, Thomas Benjamin Garrett, Robert Bell Gartrell, Gen. R.C. Gatlin, Andrew J.F. Gist, Daniel B. Glass, Dr. A.H. Gordon, John Goset, Judge Matthew Grey, Maj. B.F. Hackett, J.A. Hale, Elder R.W. Hammett, Harvey T. Hampton, William J. Haug, Thomas J. Hannah, James W. Harper, Malachi B. Harrison, Dr. Edward M. Harrison, J.B. Harwood, John Lawson Henderson, Eli Hester, John Hewett, F.W. Hink, James Hoey, John Alexander Hoffman, John Howard, Sgt. Edward Hunt, William Hunter, William D. Hunter, Dr. George F. Hynes, Dr. Lee H. Ingraham, Matthew Jerome Irvin, James E. Johnson, Aunt Sophia Kannady, Thomas J. Keener, Dr. J.M. Kelleam, Allen A. Kersh, Thomas J. Kersey, Dr. R.B. King, Henry Kuper, John H. Lairamore, John W. Lamb, J.R. Lane, Richard D. Lewis, John Jesse Little, John S. Little, George Dallas Loder, Gilbert Looman, R.H. McConnell, Dr. John W. McConnell, John McCray, A.A. McDonald, Blooming W. McDonough, Robert William McFarlane, Dr. John McGinty, Henry McGreevy, John S.M. McKamey, Edmund McKenna, T.D. Magness, Wilson Manus, Jesse Martin, Joseph H. Martin, H.P. Mayers, J.H. Mershon, Rudolph Metzger, Dr. Julius Meyer, Capt. Dudley Milam, John G. Miller, Mrs. Mary Miller, Dr. Thomas C. Miller, Charles Milor, Lawrence Mivelaz, George W. Moore, Ira Lain Morris, George L. Morris, Charles Munder, Caswell R. Neal, Anton Neis, Wiley Nelson, Richard Nevill, Willis W. Nolen, Bernard O'Keeffe, John L. Oneal, Dr. Reeves M. Osborne, Capt. George E. Otis, Frank Parke, Robert T. Powell, William Prendergast, P.E. McShane, Thomas A. Putnam, Bernard Quante, W.T. Quinley, John Ray, James H. Reed, James D. Richmond, William T. Roberts, Pinckney J. Roberts, Thomas Franklin Rodden, Capt. Hugh L. Rogers, Thomas Rogers, Robert A. Rowe, Styles T. Rowe, Elias Russell, James Russell, S.M. Rutherford, Ashley W. Rutherford, George Sengel, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, Dr. J.D. Southard, D.B. Sparks, John Speaker, Benjamin F. Spears, Mrs. Isabella Spessard, Lieut. George N. Spradling, Joseph Cole Stalcup, J.R. Stephens, Dr. Elam H. Stephenson, Adam Stinebaugh, Capt. Hubbard Stone, Henry Suratt, Col. Mark T. Tatum, William J. Teaver, Mrs. M.J. Thomas, John Marion Thompson, Col. F.W. Tillay, Dr. William Franklin Turner, William M. Tyler, Theodore Vogel, Francis Vogel, Mrs. Martha J. Walker, James S. Weaver, John F. Weaver, Thomas J. Webb, J.C. Welch, O.D. Weldon, Master Lewis Joseph White, James C. Wilkinson, Harvey D. Wilkinson, Charles H. Willhaf, James A. Williams, S.A. Williams, John F. Williams, Constant P. Wilson, Green B. Wimberley, T.P. Winchester, Edgar E. Bryant, Capt. William J. Witcher, H.C. Wyman, John C. Yadon, D.J. Young and Joseph W. Young.

Sebastian County, AR
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Cover of Sebastian County History

Sources: History of Sebastian County Arkansas; Northwest Arkansas History
Authors: Mary L. Geiffs
Original Publication Year: 1889
Original Publisher: The Goodspeed Publishing Co.
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