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Greene County

Book Description:

Early days in Greene County, AR, which includes the communities of Paragould (county seat), Beech Grove, Delaphaine, Lafe, Light, Marmaduke and Walcott, are recalled in this 78 page spiral bound booklet taken from the 1889 book: Goodspeed's History of Greene County, Arkansas. The booklet is printed one-sided on 60# paper with the print enlarged for easier reading. A vinyl sheet has been added to protect the front cover. The first part of the booklet contains a physical description of the county, agricultural products, population, railrays, settlers, a noted hunters, government, officials (judges, clerks, sheriffs, treasurers, coroners, surveyors, assessors, representatives), members of the bar, military affairs, municipalities and villages -- Bethel, Crowley, Finch, Gainesville, Halliday, Herndon, Lorado, Marmaduke, Paragould (county seat), Stonewall, Tilmanville, and Walcott --, schools, and churches. Besides the names mentioned in the first part of the booklet, there are biographies of many county residents of yesteryear. Most are fairly lengthy, and pften include ancestors, previous residences, children, in-laws, affiliations, war records, and business activities. In the course of this they often shed light on the early businesses, professions and institutions in the county. The biographies include: W.T. Allison, T.J. Archer, H.L. Ayers, Joseph Bleier, E.M. Bobo, M.W. Boyd, E.S. Bray, William B. Breckenridge, Daniel W. Breckenridge, M.D. Bridges, C.J. Brinkman, Charles Brock, L.H. Case, Dr. R.C. Cavitt, A.T. Chaffin, William H. Cothren, Alfred T. Craig, J.W. Craven, J.W. Crawford, Benjamin H. Crowley, Henry Cupp, F.M. Daulton, R.T. Daniel, Dr. John M. Davis, L.T. Dennis, L.G. Dillman, A.L. Dover, J.C. Field, B.C. Gallup, Richard H. Gardner, G.L. Gentry, H.W. Glasscock, M.C. Gramling, George A. Gramling, C.W. Green, John W. Halley, Manoah B. Hampton, W.C. Hasty, Mrs. Isabella Highfill, John M. Highfill, D.D. Hodges, E.P. Holt, John W. Hooker, George R. Hopkins, Pressley Huckabay, C.P. Huckabay, H.C. Hunter, Richard Jackson, A.D. Jackson, I.C. Jeffers, William C. Johnson, B.A. Johnson, R.B. Jones, S.L. Joseph, Jesse Kenemure, T.B. Kitchens, John J. Lambert, E.D. Landrum, John V. Landrum, John M. Lloyd, William F. Lovejoy, Dr. Robert Lovelady, Dr. Calvin E. McAuley, William J. McBride, John McHaney, LaFayette McHaney, James K.P. McKelvey, Dr. J.G. McKenzie, Judge L. L. Mack, Dr. Rufus A. Markham, W.H. Martin, J.R. Miller, James F. Newberry, W.C. Newberry, John Nutt, John M. Nutt, John Odam, John O'Steen, Eugene Parrish, Seth W. Peebles, Wiley Pevehouse, I. H . Pillow, Robert W. Pruet, W.S. Pruet, Capt. Charles D. Pruet, George M. Rosengrant, T.T. Ross, Dr. Jefferson Davis Sibert, Joseph P. Smelser, David A. Smith, Simpson Smith, Irvin G. Smith, E.T. Smith, S.J. Smith, W.H. Sollis, John R. Starnes, G.W. Stevenson, J.R. Taylor, James. S. Tenisson, W.F. Thompson, Rev. J.T. Thompson, Rev. David Thorne, John C. Tredaway, Henry S. Trice, William H. Walden, Dr. Calvin Wall, Rev. David B. Warren, John E. Watson, William M. Weatherly, S.H. Weatherly, Andrew Webb, Dr. Henry McC. Webb, James H. Willcockson, Joseph H. Willcockson, T. R. Willcockson, J.W. Williams, William Worrell, Henry Wrape, Hezekiah B. Wright, Christopher C. Wright, and Dr. T.H. Wyse.

Greene County, AR
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Cover of Greene County History

Sources: History of Greene County Arkansas
Authors: Goodspeed
Original Publication Year: 1889
Original Publisher: Goodspeed Publishing Co.
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