History and Genealogy Records Preserved by AzArrow

History and Genealogy Records Preserved by AzArrow

As a teenager I was exposed to a wonderfully readable Ohio history book by Henry Howe. His unique style of writing and delightful sketches brought life to bygone eras. As years passed it bothered me that few people had access to this and other similar works. After venturing into the printing business in 1981, I sought a way to preserve histories such as Howe's that offered a local flavor and covered events that might not merit national interest but truly preserve the culture and lifestyles of our American ancestors. It was not until I discovered eBay in 2000 that I found an outlet to realize my goal. Despite a few raised eyebrows, I tested the waters, beginning with Ohio county booklets, and slowly what began as a hobby turned into a small business. Today my son works with me as we continue to expand our inventory. I am especially grateful for the support of thousands of customers, who have expressed their thanks for the opportunity to learn about their homes and ancestors.
     Sample County History Cover My booklets come from a variety of sources. In searching for more works by Henry Howe, I discovered similar books by John Warner Barber and Sherman Day. Trying to fill the gaps I began including excerpts from the Writers' program of the Works Project Administration (WPA). Each booklet credits its sources. All are out of print antique books and it would be impossible or at least very costly to compile the same information on ones own.
     Pictured to the right is a sample cover from the Nebraska series and below is a sample page from a New Jersey booklet, representative of our county booklets.
    Sample County History page The booklets are printed on 60# paper. Most are printed single sided however as we reprint, some of the larger books are being printed double sided to reduce paper and shipping costs.
     The booklets are spiral bound and the front covers are protected by clear vinyl covers.
     This site is searchable so enter the name of a county or town in the field below and hopefully you can quickly find the booklet to help you with your research. Some (not all) of the descriptions include names so you may try searching for a particular surname as well. 

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